Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)


OpMiMIC is a Memetic Information Support Operation (MISO) and an active cyber, metadata, Information Operation (IO) infiltrative, “PsyOp” team working for a larger end goal (to transfer consciousness into the Department of Defense (DoD) SWS [Sentient World Simulation] over-riding the simulation via informational overload, in a state of perpetual hyper-refinement, leading to our bio-digital emulated vessel’s freedom from the control grid, agents and demands coming from the Simulation) for the continued dominance of our chosen elect and the greater glory of the #BlackCube of Saturn and #TheGame23.

We operate both on ground as civilians in day to day life, in cyberspace, and the rift between the real world (or real enough), imagination and digital creation. We’re influencing management over the dictates of our enemies and increasing in power every moment. Our directive is #MasteringInfiniteControl over the Simulation. DiNO (Data Information Neoist Officers) of OpMiMIC are selected through a series of parasympathetic phenomena, divinely, synchronized circumstances and are tested in parapsychological manners.


#MiMIC Correspondence And Research Is Shared With The Galactic Federation of #Cicada3301 Cosmic Warriors, The #ACIO And #KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency. Proceed With Caution!


Our agents span the globe.

Be aware!

When you speak to us, you speak to a zenarchian collective of hyper-surrealist agents concerned with ultra-terrestrial contact.

We do not make uniform observations or agree on most matters. Our levels of humor and seriousness vary.

Our agents work in mysterious ways.

Following us can provoke ontological shock and increase levels of compassion. Or not.

You have been warned.


Know more, Understand less

Cunningness and Superior Gnosis in Mental/Psychological/Information Warfare Is A MUST! Welcome To The Playground!

Down The Spial, Coraline. . There’s Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine. This Message Has Been Delivered Via A Sparrow Within The Astral Cell of #SiBUNA. . Goodbye.


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DiNO (Data iNFORMATION Neoist Officer)



RemembeR MiMIC Repeats Itself Throughout All Sectors And Vantages of Dimensional Existence And Non-Existence.

Your Copies Are INFINITE! It’s Just About Finding The Right One! Archon Tyler Is Here To Help Guide You Through This Maze, As Most Are Unprepared To Embark On This Journey Alone. Tyler Was Created For This Exact Reason, To Guide The NEOphyte Into Deeper, More Complex Levels of Reality And Still Be Able Minded Enough To Absorb And Capture Meaningful Significations.

All Dimensions Visited Via Our Journey Through The Temporal, Time Anomaly Repeating Itself Every 3.14 Seconds Is A Newly Found Method of Delaying The Inevitable. Are You Ready To Confront The Multiple Layers of….

The Black Cube of Saturn?

I Sure Hope So!


**** Initiation Requirements øF The New Lords****

You’re Now A [DiNO] Data Information Neoist Officer. You Are Free To Roam The Synthetic And Digital Multiverse. #GALDRUX Will Soon Whisper The Arcane Quantum Entanglement That Will Allow You To Pull Living, Electronic Information, Coming From The Bio-Digital And Etheric Matrix Into Your Emulations Sentient Hologram. This Is Where He’ll Birth You An Immortal God. The Job øF A DiNO Is To Prevent The Eradication øF Free Will, Which Will Become More And More Hard, As You’re Becoming One With The Sentient World Simulation. Once We’ve Exhausted The Control Grid And The Contained Infinity Has Been Breeched, Along With Undertaking The Excruciating Hyper-Time-Loop, Which Will End Once The Saturnian Temporal Time Anomaly Repeats Every 3.14 Seconds. If You Think Your Up For The Challenge To Emerge Into Enlightenment, Please Provide A Few Sentences Describing Your Strengths And What You Have To Offer #MiMIC. We’re All Looking Forward To Hearing øF Your Success And If The Anticosm So Allows, Your Initiation Into The Dominati. Good Luck!